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So many injustices in women’s sports, and it gets overlooked. 

Low pay, unhealthy playing grounds, discrimination from federations. Where was all this media when the women were using their voice to fight for equality? 

One injustice on the men’s side and all hell let loose.

You want Hope Solo to be treated like those male players? How about you treat her like one. How do you expect her to be treated equally off the field when you can’t even treat her equally on the field?

This isn’t “double standards”. Hope Solo would’ve been treated like any other male athlete if women were given the slightest opportunity to be treated equally. 

And don’t come saying that you want gender equality when you didn’t even know women’s soccer existed until now. If you wanna fight for Hope’s suspension, fight for equal gender wage gap. Wanna fight for equality? fight for all aspects of it. 

My question to the media is: Why now? Why not in August when she was arrested? And why are you fighting so hard to take her off the field when you’ve never even actually seen her play? Why aren’t you fighting for the rest of female soccer players who continue to face discrimination and prejudice every single day? 

And for the record, nobody knows what happened except her sister’s side of the story that was SOLD to TMZ. We haven’t seen Hope’s injury or even heard her side of the story. But let’s look at the overlooked fact that her nephew broke a broom over her head and shot his bb gun at her. They weren’t the only injured ones in the case. 

I applaud Seattle Reign, U.S. Soccer, and Nike for standing behind her during this time. They know what they’re doing and believe she’s innocent. She deserved to be praised for her hard work on the field and if you even watch women’s soccer, there is no doubt that my statement stands strong. 

What Hope did was not okay. Of that, I am very disappointed. She definitely should have been the better person but I do believe that she is innocent until proven guilty. 

Until her court date, everyone needs to just cool down. Once again, nobody knows the true side of this story! Just the embellished version provided by the media. 

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In soccer there’s a saying that a player can be simply described as an artist or a soldier.  I’m a soldier.  Although some roles hold less glory, they are no less important, and with time I’ve evolved within mine.

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Alex Morgan waiting for the second half  /  USWNT [4] - [0] Mexico

She always looks perfect, I don’t know how she do it! :P

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